Pure and avant-garde – Scandinavian

Towe Norlen’s design is characterized by a sense of purity and of avant-garde boldness, i.e., a typical contemporary expression of the Scandinavian design heritage.

Luxury through purity

“I often think about what defines true luxury”, says Towe Norlen. “Is it the extravagance of others knowing what you are wearing? Or is it the timelessness of quality? Is it the heritage of luxury, or being able to charge a premium?

To me, true luxury is the embodiment of a sense of purity. The clarity of a thought that grows into an idea and takes the form of a design. The purity of the natural materials I work with and how I strive to master them. The time and dedication put into every single detail of what I do.

But it is also the humility of realising that one’s work is never finished. Constantly looking for new ways to reinvent oneself and learn from other fields of thought, to be inspired and to inspire others. Trying to push the boundaries and find new dimensions of my craft. Ultimately, creating modern pieces that will become future classics.

At its utmost, the embodiment of luxury is the reflection of joy in a person’s face when she wears something that defines her, a unique memory, a feeling that can last a lifetime.“

The magic of natural design

Towe Norlén’s jewellery design is the result of merging jewellery with insights from biological science, describing the magic of how nature has shaped the living world.  The Silk Collection for instance, is inspired by how our skin is designed by nature at the microscopic level.

“My goal is to capture nature’s spirit in its purest form” says Towe Norlén. “What drives me, I suppose, is a search for purity.”